At Jacksonville Clinic, our patients come first. We make sure each patient is taken care of from the minute they step through the door. We invite you to hear what our patients are saying about us:

I began to have difficulty walking. One morning, I woke up and could not feel my left foot. (Dr. Afsh) diagnosed that there must be some sort of nerve issue or vascular issue. They found a 75% blockage in my left leg. He spoke with Dr. Khatib and he did a stent implant. After two days, I started walking and it was just miraculous. It was night and day. It’s been phenomenal. Dr. Afsh did the right diagnosis and called for the right people to look at it. We found it, got it fixed and I am so grateful for that. They do such a good job and they really listen to their patients. Going there, you don’t get the normal cold shoulder from the doctor. The doctors’ ears are open and listening to what you say. I’ll continue to use them until I’m not here or they’re not here.
– Russel Snyder, patient of Dr. Khalil Afsh

I met Dr. Tecson over 12 years ago and I quickly knew he was a man of compassion. Not only is he a wonderful doctor, he is also a man of integrity, a main willing to go beyond his office care. He has always been a comfort to me and my wife. He is indeed a professional of the highest degree. He is also a blessing to me and other family members. I am honored to know Dr. Angelito Tecson, not only is he a great doctor, I would be honored again to know that he is my friend.
– Gloria Joiner, patient of Dr. Tecson

One of the best things that happened when we moved to Baker County is Angelito Tecson became our primary physician. When my mother was ill and I couldn’t travel several years ago, Dr. Tecson went above and beyond by coming to our home to see firsthand her needs. Dr. Tecson has always guided me through many health problems. I regard Dr. Tecson as a physician with great humor, compassion, high morals, respect for others and a man of great honor. Thank you Dr. Tecson for your commitment to my health, your integrity and your kindness.
– Marion Joiner, patient of Dr. Tecson

My daughter and her husband had been going there for a number of years. His office is convenient and the scheduling department takes care of me.
– Arthur Taylor, patient of Arlington office